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Latta Delivers Remarks on Communications Policy and the Future of the FCC

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Washington, DC, Oct 24, 2013 | Laura Strange (202-225-6405) | comments

Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH) gave remarks at the Free State Foundation seminar titled, “A New FCC or the Same Old, Same Old?” on Thursday, October 24, at the National Press Club. The program's discussion focused on whether the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) can reform itself to deal with today’s competitive communications and technology environment, and how it might do so with a new FCC Chairman. Excerpts from Latta’s remarks below:

“Within the last three decades we have entered a digital age of communications and witnessed the emergence of multi-modal competition and a dynamic Internet ecosystem. … Additionally, mobile and broadband investment has exploded, creating more than one million jobs over the last five years and enabling a more rapid rollout of 4G L-T-E wireless technology across the United States.  This advanced technology has not only spurred innovation in the communications marketplace, but it has promoted growth and innovation in many other industries as well, including healthcare, transportation, and energy.

“In order to continue to build upon this and other technological progress and innovation, it is important to review laws and regulations to make sure they reflect today’s marketplace and don’t impede further advancements in communications and other sectors of the economy.  It is clear that we need to comprehensively review the outmoded ’96 Act and develop a new policy framework to address modern communications of the 21st Century and a rapidly evolving Internet economy to ensure that outdated and unnecessary legacy-era regulations don’t stifle current and future investment, innovation, economic growth and consumer choice in the digital age.” 

Click HERE to view Congressman Latta’s full remarks.



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