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Imperial Presidency

In nearly four years, President Obama has circumvented Congress by issuing 147 executive orders, and according to a recent report from the American Action Forum, his administration has issued nearly $500 billion in regulations during his first term.

Under the Obama administration hardworking taxpayers, farmers, and other job creators have endured an excessive onslaught of government regulations, implemented by unelected bureaucrats, and that do not receive full consideration of basic industry concerns such as compliance costs and feasibility. A report from the Small Business Administration estimated that total regulatory costs amount to $1.75 trillion annually.

The Office of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor produced a report titled, The Imperial Presidency, to highlight the Obama administration’s unprecedented regulatory overreach. The report outlines over 40 examples of how the administration has skirted the legislative process to advance its own agenda.

We must continue to work towards commonsense, pro-growth policies that rein in the massive federal overregulation and out-of-control spending, as well as lowers taxes to fuel job growth and strengthen our economy.

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