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Latta Urges Senate Democrats to Pass House Measures to Fund Critical Government Services

The House has passed various legislative measures, which collectively provides half of the funding for critical parts of the government. In addition to these measures, the House has passed four continuing resolutions to fully fund the government. Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) issued the following statement today urging the Senator Reid to act on these bills:

“While we wait for Senator Reid and Senate Democrats to come to the table to negotiate on a measure to fully fund the government, the House continues to work to lessen the burdens of a government shutdown. As of this afternoon, the House has passed enough legislative measures to fund 50 percent of the government services that are impacted by the shutdown. It makes no sense that Senator Reid and the Senate Democrats will not come to the table to negotiate with House Republicans, or even take up these non-controversial funding bills. The House has worked to pass multiple bills, and I urge the Senate Leadership to promptly act on these bills.”

In addition to the four continuing resolutions that have passed the House, below are the specific legislative measures that provide funding to key parts of the government:


  •       H.J.Res. 91 – Honoring the Families of Fallen Soldiers Act
  •       H.J.Res. 90 – Flight Safety Act
  •       H.J.Res. 84 – Head Start for Low-Income Children Act
  •       H.J.Res. 83 – Impact Aid for Local Schools Act
  •       H.J.Res. 89 – Federal Worker Pay Fairness Act
  •       H.J.Res. 77 – Food and Drug Safety Act
  •       H.J.Res. 75 – Nutrition Assistance for Low-Income Women and Children Act
  •       H.J.Res. 85 – National Emergency and Disaster Recovery Act
  •       H.J.Res. 72 – Honoring Our Promise to America's Veterans Act
  •       H.J.Res. 70 – Open Our National Parks and Museum Act
  •       H.J.Res. 71 – Local Funding for the District of Columbia Act
  •       H.J.Res. 73 – The Research for Lifesaving Cures Act




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