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Latta Votes to Increase Sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea

Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) voted in favor of increased sanctions on Russia, Iran, and North Korea in a vote held Tuesday evening. The legislation, H.R. 3364, the Russia, Iran, and North Korea Sanctions Act, passed by a strong bipartisan vote and would levy greater economic and political sanctions on the three nations. Sanctions on Iran and North Korea were added to the House legislation after the Senate recently approved sanctions on Russia.
“The three nations addressed by this legislation have flaunted international laws and each is a threat to stability around the globe,” said Latta. “Russia’s cyber attacks and support for the Assad regime in Syria needs to be met with additional sanctions to curb their flagrant behavior. At the same time, North Korea’s advancement of their nuclear weapons program poses a grave threat to the United States and our ally, South Korea, and Iran steadfastly violates U.N. resolutions regarding ballistic missiles. It goes without saying that all three regimes also have atrocious human rights records. We need to hit these countries where it hurts — in their pocketbook — and provide American leadership at a time when the world desperately needs it.”

Title I of the legislation addresses Iran and those involved in the country’s ballistic missile program, their efforts to threaten Israel, and ongoing human rights abuses. Sanctions are imposed on any individual that materially contributes to the regime’s ballistic missile program, weapons of mass destruction program, international terrorism, or participates in the sale of military equipment with Iran.

Title II of H.R. 3364 addresses Russia by applying new sanctions on corrupt actors, those seeking to evade sanctions, human rights abusers, individuals responsible for supplying weapons to the Assad regime, or conducting cyber activity on behalf of the Russian government. The bill also authorizes assistance to nation’s susceptible to Russia aggression in eastern Europe.

Title III increases Presidential authority to levy sanctions on individuals in violation of specific U.N. Security Council resolutions dealing with North Korea. Specifically, the bill targets people that support the regimes nuclear program, those who employ North Korean slave labor, and cracks down on North Korea’s use of international ports.

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