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On C-Span’s The Communicators, Latta Discusses Need to Pass Strong Federal Privacy Legislation

Congressman Latta also discusses other tech issues including the importance of expanding access to broadband

Washington, March 5, 2019 | Drew Griffin (202-225-6405)

Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) discussed the need to pass strong federal privacy legislation in an interview for the C-Span show, The Communicators, which aired over the weekend. In addition, Latta highlighted the need to increase access to high-speed broadband, especially in rural areas. Latta currently serves as Republican Leader of the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology.

Other topics touched on in the interview include net neutrality legislation and self-driving cars. Video is available here. Congressman Latta’s segment begins at 13:50. 

Latta said, “(Last Congress) we had multiple meetings on privacy. One of the big issues out there is we can’t have states going out and doing their own thing. You can’t have 50 states and the District of Columbia coming up with this. It just won’t work. We have to have a national standard and everyone understands that. California has enacted a piece of legislation that most people I’ve talked to have all said, “We don’t want that legislation to be what we’re going to be living with.” 

“So, we have until the end of the year to get this thing done. In subcommittee today, we had a privacy hearing already. We had people from around the country come in to testify. Again, we want to make sure that Americans – the consumers – are protected. And, that we have a standard out there that everybody knows what it is.”                                   


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