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ICYMI: FCC Chair Ajit Pai and Rep. Bob Latta op-ed in the Plain Dealer

WASHINGTON, August 12, 2019 | Mikayla Hall (2022256405)

Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) and FCC Chair Ajit Pai penned an op-ed in the Plain Dealer highlighting the work being done to protect Americans from illegal robocalls.

An excerpt from their op-ed:

“From SHAKEN/STIR standards, to spoofed foreign robocall rules, to robocall blocking, the FCC and Congress have worked closely together to protect consumers against scammer robocalls and spoofed fraud calls. This is an area where nearly everyone can agree that cooperation is needed and more needs to be done — and that is why we are committed to doing this work for the American public.

“But we can’t do this alone. An issue as complicated and frustrating as illegal robocalls requires everyone’s effort. The best thing you can do, regardless of technology changes or regulations, is to educate yourself on how to protect yourself and your family and pass it on to your friends and neighbors. Learn the telltale signs of a scam, ask questions, and when in doubt — don’t answer the phone.

“Americans deserve peace of mind knowing that the phones that connect us to the world are being used for good, not scams. Leadership from Congress and the FCC will go a long way to help ensure that these pesky, invasive calls become a thing of the past.”

Click here to read their full op-ed.

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