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Latta Re-Introduces No Vote, No Raise Act to Eliminate Automatic Pay Increases for Members of Congress

Today, Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH5) introduced the No Vote, No Raise Act, legislation working to eliminate automatic pay raises for Members of Congress.

“Our focus in Congress should be on our work to make life better and safer for our constituents and country, not increasing our paychecks,” said Latta. “The No Vote, No Raise Act removes automatic raises for U.S. Representatives and Senators. If a Member of Congress wishes to introduce legislation that would allow for a raise in salary, they can still do so, but this bill ensures they are on the record for that action, and there is a vote before such action is agreed upon.”

Under current law, Members of Congress are slated to receive automatic annual adjustments unless stopped by Congressional legislation. Because the pay increases are automatic, Members of Congress can receive a raise without having to go on record to vote for it. Members of Congress have voted to freeze Congressional pay over the previous nine years and have not received a salary increase since 2009.


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