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Latta: Leaving Americans Behind is Entirely Unconscionable and Un-American

Today, Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH5) provided the following statement on President Biden’s decision to continue with the withdrawal from Afghanistan while knowingly leaving American citizens behind:

“President Biden made the decision to leave Americans behind by not extending the deadline to withdraw from Afghanistan, which is today, August 31st. We no longer have troops on the ground, yet there are American citizens who remain in Afghanistan and are trying to get out. Leaving Americans behind is entirely unconscionable, and it does not represent our values.

“Tens of billions of dollars of equipment were left behind and are now in the hands of the Taliban. Last week, we lost 13 of our bravest citizens in a terrorist attack in Kabul, which was the deadliest attack on Americans in Afghanistan since 2011. Innocent Afghans were also killed. Our Afghan partners who have been essential to our presence in the country are now living in fear because of what the Taliban may do to them or their families as retribution for their support of our troops. The United States and the world are less secure because of the reckless decisions President Biden and his Administration have made.

“This is shameful. President Biden said the buck stops with him, and it sure does. The President needs to be held accountable for leaving Americans behind. The President needs to be held accountable for the decisions his Administration has made resulting in loss of life and the loss of security.

“I’d like to make this clear: for 20 years, the military did their job, and they did it well. We owe them our sincerest thanks and gratitude for their sacrifices and dedication to our country. To every American who served in Afghanistan, we thank you. You served admirably, and you represent the very best our country has to offer. Thank you for your service, and God Bless America.”


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