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Latta’s Statement in Response to Ukrainian President Zelensky’s Address Before Congress

Today, Congressman Latta provided the following statement in response to President Zelensky’s address before Congress: 

“President Zelensky is doing everything he can for his homeland and his people. This morning, he provided a powerful address before Congress. It is a rare occasion for the leader of a foreign nation to deliver an address before the United States House of Representatives and Senate. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill addressed Congress 80 years ago in a similar manner during the darkest days of World War II where he encouraged the United States to defend freedom in Europe. President Zelensky is pleading for support not just for the benefit of the Ukrainian people, but for all countries around the world against tyranny and outright Russian aggression. Putin and his military are committing war crimes, which we have seen through various news channels. This is wrong, and must be stopped. 

“It has been 16 days since I introduced the PADE Act to ensure American funds are not going towards Putin’s war efforts against an innocent nation. We must tighten our sanctions and make Putin pay for the heinous acts he is committing in Ukraine. This means we must supply more military equipment while strengthening and increasing sanctions as we work to help Ukraine.” 


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