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Latta, Strickland Relaunch Bipartisan Grid Innovation Caucus

Today, Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH5) and Congresswoman Marilyn Strickland (D-WA10) relaunched the bipartisan Grid Innovation Caucus (GIC) for the 118th Congress. The GIC seeks to improve the security and reliability of our nation’s electric grid by increasing institutional understanding of grid complexities, identifying opportunities for productive and bipartisan engagement, and highlighting the constructive role technological innovation can play in bolstering grid infrastructure. 

“Ensuring the security and reliability of our nation’s electric grid cannot be overstated,” Latta said. “From increasing efficiency to meet our growing energy needs to implementing modernized defenses that protect against cyberattacks, there is much work to be done to safeguard this critical infrastructure. That’s why I am relaunching the bipartisan Grid Innovation Caucus with my colleague, Congresswoman Strickland, to help educate our colleagues on innovations that will improve our nation’s electric grid and provide security for the American people.” 

"I'm honored to lead the Grid Innovation Caucus alongside Rep. Latta and look forward to highlighting the importance of an innovative, reliable, and efficient grid infrastructure," Strickland said. "Strengthening our nation's energy grid is necessary for a cleaner and more energy-efficient future that supports good-paying jobs, strengthens domestic power production, and decreases the frequency of power outages in our communities."

“Bipartisan commitment to a modernized and resilient electrical grid is an essential undertaking and we commend Representatives Latta and Strickland for their leadership in this effort,” National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) President and CEO, Debra Phillips said. “The benefits of a reliable, resilient, and efficient grid will boost our economy, secure our energy future and reduce emissions. NEMA and our members are eager to work with the caucus and allied organizations to deploy innovative electrical products to both modernize our grid and electrify our economy.”

“We need strong, bipartisan solutions to improve America’s transmission system, and ACEG is eager to work closely with the entire Grid Innovation Caucus this congress,”ACEG Executive Director Christina Hayes said. “An expanded and modernized transmission system will lower consumer costs, prevent dangerous power outages, and create good-paying jobs — all issues that cut across party lines. We appreciate Rep. Strickland and Rep. Latta’s shared commitment to tackling these challenges; working together is the only way we’re going to get it done.”

“No sector of our economy is transforming more rapidly than the electric grid, as new and innovative technologies compel changes to the ways we operate and manage the grid to provide reliable, secure, affordable, and clean power,” Karen Wayland GridWise Alliance CEO said. “The GridWise Alliance is excited to work with the Grid Innovation Caucus—especially the co-chairs, Representatives Latta and Strickland--to ensure that all Americans reap the benefits of a modern grid.”



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