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Latta Recognizes National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

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Washington, Jan 10 | comments

“This Saturday, National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, reminds us of the atrocious and heinous crimes that are committed against millions of innocent people overseas and right here in the United States, including Ohio.  Many of these victims are women and young children.


While Congress, government agencies, and advocacy groups have, and continue to, work to combat these evils, we must do more to put an end to these crimes.  One such measure is H.R. 2283, the Human Trafficking Prioritization Act, of which I am a cosponsor, and believe is an important step”, said Congressman Latta.


H.R. 2283 would improve the effectiveness of the State Department Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons (J/TIP), which Congress created in 2000, and has led to the increase prosecution of traffickers, protection of victims, and prevention of human trafficking.  Specifically, the bill would raise the status of the J/TIP “Office” to that of a “Bureau” and upgrade the “ambassador-at-large” position into that of an “assistant secretary” to give it equal standing and greater visibility among regional and functional bureaus at the State Department to more effectively combat human trafficking. 


“I ask that we all keep the victims of human trafficking in our thoughts and prayers on this day,” Congressman Latta added.

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