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Latta On The State Of The Union Address

Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) today issued the following statement regarding the President’s final State of the Union address: 

“For seven years, this President has let events shape him rather than act to define the events that are having an impact on American families across the country. This is not leadership – it is leading from behind at a time we are under great threat. Tonight, the President had an opportunity to assure Americans that the security of the nation is the top priority of the federal government. Unfortunately, what we heard from the President is more of the same hollow rhetoric we’ve heard throughout his tenure in the White House. 

The state of our homeland is increasingly not secure. This past year we saw the deadly consequences of an unprecedented surge in Islamist terror with attacks in San Bernardino and Chattanooga. We now face the highest threat environment since 9/11 because the President has failed to grasp the nature of the threat to our nation and take the lead in confronting it.

More than ever, American families are concerned about our national security, and are looking to the President for leadership. While Congress has taken actions to ensure we are doing everything we can to keep our country safe, the President has failed to follow suit. We have yet to see from this Administration a solid strategy to defeat ISIS. We have not heard adequate response to the threats posed by a nuclear Iran, or a nuclear North Korea.  

I, like many in this country, had hoped the President would show leadership in outlining a solid strategy to combat these threats; however, nothing we heard here tonight is indicative of meaningful actions to address these key national security concerns.  There is no greater responsibility for the federal government than keeping Americans secure. The House will continue to pass legislation that will keep America safe. It is my hope that for the next 12 months the President will focus his efforts towards working with Congress to ensure the safety and prosperity of the American people in passing meaningful legislation that will strengthen both our security, and our weakened economy."


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