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Latta Statement on Administration Memo Detailing Political Strategy to Veto Defense Bill

Congressman Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) issued the following statement in response to the publication of an Obama administration memo that described a political strategy to veto the national defense bill. The memo, which was prepared in May, details efforts by the Pentagon to “play hardball” with Congress over the annual legislation.

“While there is plenty of disagreement in Washington, our country’s national defense is one area where politics should not take precedence over our nation’s troops and safety,” said Latta. “That’s why this brazenly political memo from the Administration is so troublesome. Support for our military shouldn’t be reliant on playing political ‘hardball’ or using annual defense legislation as a ‘weapon’ to extract concessions. It’s beyond disappointing to see a bill that normally has such broad support become the target of petty politics.”

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