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Latta, McNerney Launch Grid Innovation Caucus

Washington, February 3, 2017 | Drew Griffin (202-225-6405)
Tags: Energy
This morning, Congressmen Bob Latta (R-OH) and Jerry McNerney (D-CA) relaunched the bipartisan Grid Innovation Caucus for the 115th Congress. The caucus will seek to discuss policy related to innovative Smart Grid technology that can reduce outages and improve the security and reliability of our nation’s electric grid.
“Cutting-edge Smart Grid technology will mean more reliable, efficient, and secure energy delivered to households and businesses across the country,” said Latta. “Implementing this technology, and updating our aging grid, also means less outages that are detrimental to public safety and our economy. I’m excited to join Congressman McNerney in launching the Grid Innovation Caucus to better explore this new innovation, educate our colleagues on its potential, and discuss it’s role in meeting our future energy needs.”

“Our nation’s energy infrastructure is becoming outdated, but the electricity sector and its operations are undergoing dynamic changes,” said McNerney. “We must build upon benefits to consumers while enhancing reliability and security. Modernizing the grid will allow for increased use of clean energy and will create thousands of jobs across our country. The Grid Innovation Caucus will continue serving as a forum to educate members and staff on issues related to electric transmission and distribution, and will work toward improving grid infrastructure, technology, and enhanced coordination. I look forward to working with Rep. Latta on this bipartisan issue; one that effects every aspect of our lives.”

Smart Grid refers to the use of automation and digital technology to improve efficiency, reliability, and security of the electric grid. The Smart Grid technology allows more real-time data to be used to monitor demand and meet consumer needs.

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