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Latta Invites Mid-Ohio Energy to Participate in Energy and Commerce Innovation Showcase

Congressman Latta meets with Mid-Ohio Energy during the Energy and Environment Innovation Showcase.

Today, Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH5) participated in the “Energy and Environment Innovation Showcase” hosted by House Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans to highlight the importance of investing in the development and deployment of breakthrough technologies to reduce emissions, power the economy of tomorrow, and provide greater value to American consumers.

With more than 15 companies, educational institutions, and other organizations from around the country showcasing ongoing projects, products, and services, the event highlighted how successful energy and environment policy is best secured through realistic, innovative public policy.  To watch the video, click here.

“Republicans serving on the Energy and Commerce Committee are focused on reducing the barriers to innovation so that our country is able to deploy new technologies to reduce emissions, strengthen our energy security, and power the economic engines of the future,” said Congressman Latta. “In order to do that, we must invest in breakthrough technologies that will revolutionize how we work and open the door to innovative solutions.

“Investing in today will grant us a better tomorrow,” continued Congressman Latta. “As a member-owned organization, Mid-Ohio Energy understands advancements in technology will directly benefit the communities they serve. No matter where companies are located in the United States, it is important they are able to access the tools they need to develop modern solutions that will better the lives of Americans across the country and will enable them to better compete in our 21st century economy.”

Congressman Latta invited Mid-Ohio Energy from Kenton, Ohio, the not-for-profit electric cooperative that serves approximately 8,200 consumers in Northwest Ohio, to participate in the showcase.

“Mid-Ohio Energy is eager to demonstrate the direct impact that our cutting-edge systems have on the end-line consumer,” said John Metcalf, president/CEO of Mid-Ohio Energy. “We’ve invested considerable resources in state-of-the-art energy distribution technology, as well as in the people who deliver our service. Because we serve Ohio’s rural geography—a landscape that’s been largely underserved and overlooked by traditional economic advancement—it’s imperative that we look to tomorrow’s advances to solve today’s challenges.”


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