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Latta Joins Colleagues to Introduce Bill Protecting Pipelines and America’s Energy Security

Today, Congressman Bob Latta (OH-05) joined Congressman Tim Walberg (MI-07) to introduce legislation to prevent President Biden from punitively shutting down safe and existing energy pipelines like Line 5 without Congressional approval. The Protecting International Pipelines for Energy Security (“PIPES”) Act prohibits sole executive authority for revoking permits for the construction or operation of cross-border energy infrastructure facilities.


Representatives Latta, Jack Bergman (MI-01), John Moolenaar (MI-04), Lisa McClain (MI-10), Debbie Lesko (AZ-08), Tom Tiffany (WI-07), Troy Balderson (OH-12), Morgan Griffith (VA-09), Jeff Duncan (SC-03), Mike Gallagher (WI-08), Bill Johnson (OH-06), and John Joyce (PA-13) joined Rep. Walberg as original co-sponsors of the PIPES Act.


Last month, Reps. Latta, Walberg, and Bergman led a letter to President Biden highlighting the devastating economic consequences of shutting down Line 5.


“This Administration’s energy policies have continually put the American people last, and this winter, folks back home in Ohio will continue to see their home heating costs rise,” said Rep. Latta.“North American-made energy is critical to the infrastructure of our economy and the livelihoods of many middle class Americans. This legislation requires Congressional approval before a President can cancel a permit for cross-border energy facilities and ultimately shutdown essential pipelines like Line 5. These pipelines not only bring product to the Midwest, but they employ tens of thousands of hard working Americans. Because of the far reaching consequences that would result from shutting down pipelines like Line 5, Congress must have the ability to weigh in before the Biden Administration makes any rash decisions.”


“Across this country, hardworking families are facing skyrocketing heating costs this winter, and further constraining American energy will only make the crisis worse,” said Rep. Walberg. “Our international energy infrastructure should not be subject to the whims of an Administration that has repeatedly hurt America’s real world energy needs. Congressional approval should be required before the President unilaterally cancels a permit and blocks energy supplies that keep our homes warm and grow our economy. We continue to urge the Biden Administration to put the needs of Michigan families first.”

“The fate of Michigan energy should not be decided by political games - plain and simple. This Administration has already shown it is willing to jeopardize our entire Nation’s energy needs to score political points. The PIPES Act ensures Congress gets the final say on the operation of our pipelines or any other cross-border energy infrastructure. I’m grateful for this opportunity to work alongside Rep. Walberg to continue supporting Michigan’s energy needs,” said Rep. Bergman.

“Shutting down Line 5 in the middle of the winter would be deadly for those who rely on this pipeline to heat their homes. It would also cause fuel shortages at airports that rely on Line 5 for jet fuel during the holiday rush. It seems no one in the Biden Administration is thinking of the serious consequences shutting down this pipeline would have on not only Michigan, but the entire country,” said Rep. McClain. “I’m proud to join Rep. Walberg in introducing this legislation that would ensure President Biden get Congressional approval before shutting down crucial energy sources.”



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