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Latta Seeks Nuclear Independence, Introduces the NO RUSSIA Act

Today, Congressman Bob Latta (R-OH5) introduced the National Opportunity to Restore Uranium Supply Services In America Act of 2022, otherwise referred to as the NO RUSSIA Act of 2022, which would establish a national strategic uranium reserve and a program to ensure the availability of domestic uranium by increasing domestic uranium production, conversion, and enrichment.

“The United States has lost our competitive edge in the development of nuclear energy,” said Latta. “It is an unfortunate reality that we have not kept pace with our allies and rivals in investing in nuclear power and building up our capacity to control all steps of the nuclear fuel cycle.  This has been made abundantly clear in light of Russia’s despicable invasion of Ukraine. That is why I am introducing the NO RUSSIA Act, which is critical to American energy independence. This bill will cut America’s reliance on Russian uranium and support nuclear innovation right here at home in the United States. Relying on foreign nations to support uranium energy supplies to the U.S. will never provide for a secure future, and the global conflict we are experiencing now further highlights the critical importance of becoming energy independent.”


In the 116th and 117th Congress, Latta introduced H.R. 7814, the Nuclear Prosperity and Security Act, legislation to direct the Secretary of Energy to establish and operate a uranium reserve in the United States that would ensure availability of uranium in the event of a market disruption and support strategic fuel cycle capabilities in the United States. 

The NO RUSSIA Act builds on this work by expanding the reserve to consist of uranium produced and converted in the United States and establishing a separate program to ensure the availability of uranium produced, converted, and enriched in the United States.


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