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The Washington Examiner: EPA's new power plant rule is neither technologically nor economically feasible


"The Biden administration has once again demonstrated it is more interested in appeasing radical environmental activists than supporting American jobs and securing North American energy independence. 

"The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officially announced last month a stringent new rule that would effectively force power plants to shut down if they don’t implement expensive new carbon capture technology by the year 2032. This out-of-touch rule is neither technologically nor economically feasible. 

"And while we shouldn’t turn our back on implementing common sense carbon capture technology to help lower emissions, we simply cannot force a transition overnight. The EPA’s decision will end up hurting our energy industries, cutting jobs, and forcing consumers to fork over even more of their hard-earned dollars to heat and light their homes...

"...In Congress, we’re already working to overturn this misguided decision. I’m proud to join my colleague on the Energy and Commerce Committee and fellow Ohioan, Rep. Troy Balderson, in cosponsoring his Congressional Review Act. If enacted, this bill would reverse the EPA’s overreaching rule and ensure power plants can remain operational for years to come. 

"And as we look to continue pushing back on these rules and regulations flying out of the Biden administration, the House Energy and Commerce Committee has a unique role to play. As a senior member of the committee, I’ll continue working with my colleagues to advance policies that invest in an all-of-the-above energy strategy where the federal government doesn’t pick winners and losers — one that isn’t out-of-touch with the basic realities of energy production and consumption in this country."

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